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Muata Nkosi

Union County

Song Title
Clean Music

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Clean Music                                             


Think about it

life can be so easy 
why you tryna complicate it
lighting up, being weezy

You tryna live a movie, Martin Scorsese
Cuz you think your favorite rapper does, does it on a daily
I'm speaking something rarely ever heard in rap
I'm tryna make a wish, this song's a comet like Haley.

Young man, Young girl, Young future leader of the world.
I want you to think your mind is precious like a pearl.
So why you following what artists say. Since they roll up, you gotta get high.
Yelling out Sosa but never been to the Chi.

Not telling you what to do.
Just tryna open the scope on your view
I'm Spike Lee, front row viewing the actions of my peers
Just Do the right thing, what your heart says
Not what they tell you to your ears.
I'm not King Lear
You don't have to please me.
Just make decisions on your own
Don't follow to the speakeasy.
You see me?
Be well-informed, above the influence
I made that line ambiguous
wanted to see the discontinuance
of '90s babies (pause) the leaders of the future
but still copying whenever someone else says some ish

Clean music cleans your minds
from the chains you aint even realize
that were keeping you from your prime.

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Muata is a real cool dude who just loves to hang out and make rhymes.

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