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Trevor Gidden Jr, Karim Salem

Hudson County

Band Name
2 Days Leaders

Song Title
Yes You Can

Music Lyrics


Yes You Can                              


Verse 1
Lately you have been acting crazy.
You're lazy, you're visions hazy.
You're whole outlook on life is beginning to look shady.
Just like the fog and the midst.
My mom drives along on the bridge.
Oh my god is it him?
Yes it is he is calling it quits.
Jumping off the golden gates
To see the golden gates.
He can't end it like this, why would good god bestow this fate?
Got to convince him to stop it.
People just stare and there watching.
Cops are barely doing anything, I should be the one talking.
I get out of the Honda,
I break free from my Momma.
I know I’m not the boys’ father, but I’ll save him from the water
I go snatch the white megaphone.
My voice will be methadone
To his addiction.
Let the pressure go.
Ending life ain’t worth it.
So what, nobody’s perfect.
You got to live and you got to learn it.
Please don’t leave and desert it!
You got so much to live for why are you doing this,
You could succeed in so much, why do you choose to quit?

Chorus – (X2)
United we stand
For a drug free land
Say no to drugs we no yes you can
Yes you can
Yes you can
Let’s stand together for a drug free land

Verse 2-

Basketball I was the greatest,
Till that pressure hit me hard.
Drug choices hit my temple; it was the risk of a star.
From drug to drug, my thoughts blurred into bizarre.
They said I know with ball, man I could’ve went far
But I was permanently scarred
And no one’s input mattered.
With dreams shattered,
Friends scattered,
Thoughts i couldn’t gather.                                                                 


Why live why die and does my life even matter?

To the bridge, I limped and my legs slowly staggered .
Peer pressure hit my heart like a dagger
And steered me opposite.
The homies said “You got to try it man stop knocking it.”
And to fit I would commit
And became addicted, so without, it you know that i would through a fit.
Life I was tired of it
On the golden gates ready to call it quits,
As my tears fall in to pits.
Karim screaming “Out of this, would I benefit?”
As I reminisce, I think while my feet slip.
And nowadays it takes Death for the community to grow
Let it be known
That drug free is the way to go .
Pave your own path
Don’t let drugs take control.
And don’t follow the hype
Be you follow your own.

Chorus – (X4)
United we stand
For a drug free land
Say no to drugs we no yes you can
Yes you can
Yes you can
Let’s stand together for a drug free land

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Trevor and Karim became fast friends when they met this year at ASI where they both study.  Their interest in the same kind of music was obvious.  The rest is history. . . 

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