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Senteria Coleman

Mercer County

Song Title
drug addcit

Music Lyrics

oooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooo [4x]


drug addict (7x)

why have to turn to drugs.

cause nobody showed me love why have to turn to drugs cause nobody showed me love.

why have to turn to drugs cause nobody showed me love.(2x)

growing up in these cold streets nothing to eat

blood in my sheets moms getting beat pops always sleep.

that's when creeps the creep losing all my hair which one was there yall don't really care

I was really(3x) drug addict (7x) what(7x)

why have to turn to drugs cause nobody showed me love

have to turn drugs cause nobody showed me love

Drugs aren't cool, they make you look like a fool.

But back in the day my best friend dated a boy that was on drugs.

He beat her that's not good. It bugs me and it hurts me. Look at these boys.

They think they big and bad but they're not. Oh my goodness! This really need to stop.

Everyday these kids selling drugs everyday. Oh my god! This really needs to stop.

It's always been a problem. These kids thinking they're cool but they're not.

Be yourself, nobody else. Put your hands up if you wanna live drug free. 

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I’ve seen the bad things that drugs can do to people.

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