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Ky'esen Sumpter

Middlesex County

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Drug Dictation

Music Lyrics

Drug Dictation Music and Lyrics by Ky’esen Sumpter Submitted To PDFNJ New Jersey Shout Down Drugs Competition Verse 1 Drugs be around me, but I refuse to give in. Me versus peer pressure, that's a fight that I’m gonna win. I'm staying drug free, cause only cash rules, Everything around me, not the drugs my G. In my hood, the homies lost in the sauce fulla percocets. Mary Jane steady cooking they brains. It's a shame. Pop culture says "the drugs heal pain and without em, you doomed to go insane" I just wanna live. I'll let life take its own course. I refuse to overdose. Don't wanna be in a coma bro. I just wanna live to see my momma pass and watch my kids grow. I'm just being blunt with out the blunt yo. I know I can be me without puffin’ some Mary. I don't need to be high to climb to the status of legendary. If I used designer drugs, I'm might as well pick out my casket. I wanna stretch my life as far as I can. I don't want no catalyst for me to see a catastrophic death. Jesus take the wheel, make sure we don't go see those purple hills. If I'm feelin down, I just need to chill No poppin pills. I don’t wanna go out like that. I got music to keep my brain in tact. Chorus It's that drug dictation that's destroying the nation.(x2) I don't wanna die(no no no) (x2) Verse 2 It's a war against drugs outside. Sober soldiers against the most high. Lord pray for the fallen, they become too weak. They prob’ly got holes in their throats so for them I speak. Never really been to church , but today I preach. Fighting peer pressure dawg like I am Ali. They wanna see me walk into the in crowd. I got too much to live for just to mess it up now. Look at the music- Cobain did Cocaine. Elvis O.D’d in his tub MJ moonwalked for his last time. The drugs took Whitney, almost took Shady too. Drugs are fredo Santana, ain't that a scary sight my dude. I refuse to shoot, pop, sniff anything you to hand me. I need this life so my bloodline line can progress. I am above the rest. I am under the influence, the influence of a great mind. put your fist in the sky Repeat Chorus

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Ky’esen is a keyboardist, composer and performer who enjoys making music, digital photography and watching Anime.  He hopes to pursue a career in music.

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