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Rebecca Knighten

Burlington County

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Verse 1: 20 years of our lives flew by We would talk 'bout our future Never really caring when we would die You were here but your mind was nowhere Chorus: The girl I knew all those years ago She's dead and gone now I'm left with just her shell She suffers through this personal hell Verse 2: It's been 3 years since I saw you last Keep your picture by my door Each time I see it, I die a little more Worry if you have a place to sleep Worry if you've had enough to eat Bridge: I tried to put my life on hold so that together we could grow old but our paths have split and it makes me sick I couldn't help you through it all The girl I knew all those years ago, she's dead and gone 2x

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Rebecca plays 6 instruments including trumpet, trombone and bass guitar.  She hopes to become an accountant while continuing to perform.

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