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Global Jay

Essex County

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No Drugs

Music Lyrics

Hook I don't want to do drugs nomore x8 Verse 1: Look Sitting back plotting  Looking at my boys doing it Is it gon hurt me in the future or am I gon be abusing it  Im looking at the time ticking  My friends taking pulls and I gotta get with it  No time for thinking I'm over thinking thank god I didn't  My so called friends call me a punk cus jay ain't with it I knew drugs were a preconceived deathwish  Now my bestfriend is laying breathless  The population is decreasing every single census  All because my peers can't come to their senses I did weed twice i didn't even want to mention  All to find myself in a deeper darker depression I stopped though so I call it a slight progression  I can't rot bro I refuse to own possession  I'm at the top yo I'm chillin loosely  Kicking it like Bruce lee cus jay is drug free Hook I don't want to do drugs nomore x8 Verse 2: Look at the greats bob Marley and all of them They were still good but drugs made em die so young  I'm telling you man drugs ain't even fun  It got the smartest curious people looking so dumb  I know from experience  I guess some drugs get you feeling delirious  You'll be up so high then get low  Crack addicts cant even survive without the dose  You taking pills like percocets you gon go for sure  Bridge: Doing different kinds of drugs might make you feel slow bro  I know you doing this cus you feel low though  Please don't do it at all just follow  Cus drugs is a no go x2 Hook I don't want to do drugs nomore x8

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Drug Free NJ



Justin, a/k/a Global Jay, loves to write poetry and make it into songs.  He plays the trumpet and produces his own beats.  He looks up to Chance The Rapper, J.Cole, Nas and all kinds of jazz.  His dream is to own his own record label and make music to change lives.

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