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Morgan Evans Taylor Willis

Hunterdon County

Band Name
Morgan and Taylor

Song Title
Join Me

Music Lyrics


“Join Me”


Did you not remember hearing

All the upperclassmen sneering,

Reminiscing about how they used to be?


And then our health class teacher,

Steppin’ in for the preacher,

Telling about bad things that’d come to us.


Well you’d obviously been sleeping,

Because last week I saw you keeping

Little baggies of who-knows-what in your coat.



But there’s only so much I can do,

When this is what you choose for you.

One day I hope you open up your eyes and see,

This is not who you’re meant to be.

It’s not too last to turn around,

You’re on that high but you can still come down.

‘Cos when you’re in that trance,

You don’t stand a chance.

So join me, and stay drug free.


Potential I knew was there,

Has been replaced with dirty hair,

And the smell of smoke lingers on your lips.


Your body is addicted when

You always need to do it again,

I wish you’d never tried that first time.


Don’t you see you’re cutting your life short,

By simply taking one more snort,

Every breath you take is a precious one.




So join me, and stay drug free.

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Music plays an enormous part of the lives of Morgan and Taylor.  By teaching themselves guitar, participating in All-State Choir, and going to youth group, they stay relatively busy.  Both girls love God, music, traveling, and fashion and aspire to have careers that incorporate all of these things. They would also like to thank their friends and families for the continuous love and support!

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