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Conner Kelly Curtis Fisher

Gloucester County

Band Name
Curtis & Conner

Song Title
High on Life

Music Lyrics


“High on Life”


Curtis Fisher: You pass on drugs when you don't have time

Conner Kelly: I mean I don’t have time for drugs when im high on life

Curtis Fisher: When i'm high on mine

Conner Kelly: Sometimes it blows my mind we're in the studio passing around the mic

Both: High on rhymes

Curtis Fisher: High off the ground

Conner Kelly: So high off the ground that if we passed around a blunt it would bring me back down


Curtis Fisher: Wait it's cool to do drugs?


Conner Kelly: But cools defined by I so I proceed to do me

Both: And get high on life

Curtis Fisher: Senior year

Conner Kelly: Senior year

Curtis Fisher: Party party drugs and beer

Conner Kelly: I roll up in it with that influential ish to your ear

Curtis Fisher: Drums

Conner Kelly: That we don't need substance to our peers

Curtis Fisher: It's dumb!

Conner Kelly: And you can ask those chicks about me I'm a real cool guy besides

Both: I think it's flyer to get high on life

Curtis Fisher: Watch you don’t get sucked into drugs and drain out

While your problems go up watch your money go down
                                                                                                                                                Still you’re worried about drugs who's your family worried about huh?

Start to save for your funeral cause you’re a zombie for that powder brah
The real people tune out the ones that matter
And you’re cravings so insane that your thoughts speak louder (man just let your thoughts speak louder)

Conner Kelly: I'm just trying to caution you your friends your girl our generation
If you wanna join this army here's the word so get to saving
If drugs are up in your picture and you let them get to painting
Then you might meet Jesus early or you might meet Satan
I'm just saying (yo)
Which road's it gonna be the street of party for the night
But in the long run it's better to get high on life!

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Curtis and Conner are high school seniors who love music and have been making music for years.  They are a hip-hop based, two man group who get their ideas from their peers and from their own, for their peers and themselves.  They wish the best of luck to everyone in the contest!

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