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Gabriella Natale

Cumberland County

Song Title
Cold as Stone

Music Lyrics


Cold as Stone

Two months and seven days/ been tryin’ to fix my act/
I’ve been locked away/ ‘cause I couldn’t get off the crack/
The pain inside me won’t stop/ An ever burning hell/
That I have branded upon myself/

Cold as Stone/ What’s the difference between then and here/
I sold my soul/ ‘cause I couldn’t take the pain no more/
All I Lost/ The people who loved and cared for me/
My selfish needs pushed everyone away/
Now alone and scared/ I ask ‘Was it worth it? /

All most three months ago/ I woke up in the hospital/
I was all alone/ ‘cause my family refused to see me fall/
Where are the friends I chose over blood? / They left me on
the step/Now I’m left to face my own consequence/

I missed my chance for an education/ I’ll have to work twice
as hard/ I missed my chance for love and home/ My family
moved out of state/ Why shouldn’t they?/I spat in their face/
Who could blame them?/ What kind of daughter am I?/ For I’m as

Cold as Stone/ I made a choice and I was wrong/ I sold my soul/
And in the end I’m left with nothing/ All I’ve Lost/ Everything so where
am I to go? / Because of me and only me/ I pushed everything and everyone
and every hope away/

Now I’m really scared/ And to those who are listening it wasn’t worth it!

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Music is Gabriella’s passion, wanting to inspire people with it and dreaming of becoming a recording artist and composer.   She also wishes to use her music to show all different points of view and to promote causes such as this one.

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