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Kamille Stewart Mitu Williams Sameka Walker

Camden County

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Just Say No

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Just Say No


Lemmie step aside from talkin' 'bout bein' fly

And step situations people facin' in dey life

In da future, you wana count paper, stack cheese

Keep buyin dem drugs benjamin you'll never see

Its Simple , ya life slowly comin' to an end

And if dat broad say it's cool den she really ain't ya friend

Gurl luv ya curves? Dey say baby got back

Keep doin' dat stuf, dey say were ya cakes at?

For real, who wana young chick wit her skin  wrinkled?

Hun shootin' up dem drugs you'll for ever be single

And dudes, who you baggin' wit  yellow behined teeth?

Talkin' bout you so stressed,  guess solvin' it is weed?

Man Please, you won't be gettin me, no doubt

Cus' don't nobody wana kiss from ya potty mouth

Don't do what otha's do, jus puttin on a show

Show em' you above it, it aint hard to say no



You unda da influence? honey Im above it.

Hate bein' sober? Well honey I love it.

N-a smokin' girl is neva cute, unless you smokin hot

And dats me and not you

And for da fellas smokin' reel icky,

 cant stand da taste on ya lips wen you kiss me

It had to be said, had to put yal out der.

were da guys who dont smoke, is der one anyywere?

All types of drugs, ders many of dem,

but da side effects, well der's plenty of dem

You'll loose all weight in da blink of an eye.

Wrinkly skin, right unda ya eye.

Not exacly in da right state of mine,

and you'll end up stealin all stuf from ya family and mine.

Lets not forget dat body odor

By da time somebody smell you dey life mite be over.



I close my eyes to visualize life without drugs

The world is corrupt with all these wanna be thugs

See drugs now ah days is getting way out of line.

Didn’t want to say anything but I think it’s bout time.

Today wasn’t promised and neither is tomorrow

Putting needles in your arm you won’t be here 2 see tomorrow

Be your own person,, follow your own lead…

Don’t get caught up in the act drugs anit what you need.

Careless mistakes can have your life going down hill

They good for the moment but eventually they kill

Don’t fall from the pressure yew receive from your peers

Life above the influence den you won’t have nothing to fear

It’s a addiction that will hit your brain like crack cocaine

A couple pulls of it I promise yew wont feel the same

X_clusive doesn’t want to see yall living that life so

Take the easier way out and jus say no!!!



Chorus: Just say no, just say no, just say no. Just say no, just say no, just say no, just say no, just say no.

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X_clusive believes it is a new and incomparable group offering what the music industry is missing : “real musical creation.”  Kamille(Kuddlesz), Sameka(BB) and Mitu(MITU) are proud to take on the world, the peer-pressure and joy in order to bring you positive strength in our music. 

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