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Jamie Stapel

Sussex County

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You’re blind, you don’t see the truth

You don’t know what’s going on inside you

Your body is a castle and addiction is a dragon

And your soul is a knight in shining armor trying to defend its home

Doesn’t want to flee

Doesn’t know how to leave

There’s a monster inside you

And it aims to burn

Now your soul has been fighting

But it’s your turn

And its smoky eyes are as black as sin

And it’s arrogant, sure that it will win

It’s seduction, temptation, but you have the power to resist

It believes that there is no one who’ll give up its sickening sweet kiss

Prove it wrong

Don’t just go along

There’s a monster inside you

It may take your life

And the pain it causes

Hurts worse than a knife

It will try so hard to entice you

Make you believe it’s a friend to you

But the temporary virtual happiness is just a lie

And it’s holding your heart hostage, as a damsel in distress

Don’t let it win

Don’t you dare give in

There’s a monster inside you

And it aims to kill

Now all that can save you

Is your own free will

And the fire it breathes turns to ashes falls like snow from your lungs

And your soul gets strength from remembering who you were before you did drugs

Make it drown in your moat before it can slit your throat

Time is the dragon’s best friend only hastens the end

Free will is a shield that your soul can wield

And one choice is the sword it can use to slay

You can save the day

There’s a monster inside you

And it’s time to slay

It wants to consume you

Don’t become its prey

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Jamie Stapel

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