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Ambrose Amory

Essex County

Song Title
Found a Way

Music Lyrics

Breathe it in slow Inflow outflow Feel my skin crawl Too fast so slow Sweating heavy shaky from the withdrawal Staring at these four white walls Praying praying for forgiveness Praying my moms not at her limit Praying that they will forget my sin Praying that God will still let me in I seen to many horrors for a lifetime God won’t someone send a lifeline Send a lifeline someone send a lifeline Think I’m gonna die God I don’t wanna die Find a reason why gotta find a reason why Not to take a pill not to snort a line Not to cop the pint don’t commit that crime I don’t wanna die God I don’t wanna die (I don’t wanna die God I don’t wanna die) (See my Mama cry, can’t see my Mama cry) But I been off them drugs for some time now Something’s kicking in I feel fine now Can you feel that, something like a smile now Wish I known then what I know now Wish I known then what I know now Ima stay strong Make my Mama proud Ima stay strong make my Mama proud

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Ambrose is a 17 high school student who has had battles with addiction who wanted to share part of his story.

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