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Peter Collins


Song Title
Stay Above

Music Lyrics


Stay Above

Ooooooh stay above

Verse 1

People are going around today abusing their drugs

But do they really know what it does to them in tomorrow’s time

You have to be aware, of what is in the air

The pain you cannot bare

You don’t know what is there, get help if you dare

I say this cuz I care



Be above the influence

Stay above the influence

Be above the influence

Stay above the influence (2x)


Verse 2

For your safety and well-being don’t touch that drug

It is not cool and not trustable, and it messes with your lungs

Self-destruction’s in your way if you take drugs every day

So much pain will come to stay

It is not okay, the consequence you’ll pay

For taking drugs I say



Alcohol alters your emotions and your senses

Marijuana changes the way your brain works

So as you can see, drugs is attempting to wipeout the nation


Chorus (4x)

(While chorus goes on)

It’s not good; you know you could get hurt for it.

Put in the dirt for it. Stop the stress make drugs powerless

Save the world. 

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Peter attends Arts High School and truly loves music and creating his own.  He aspires to be an Engineer as well as continuing his study of music, writing and performance.  He hopes to take his place among famous singers/songwriters.  The most important aspect of his life is his Christian faith and hopes to get better at it every day.

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