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Romey Lopez

Hunterdon County

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Would you hand over your life liberty and soul to a stranger

And then lie there helpless when he puts your life in danger

Well of course not, so why not

reconsider when you're bout to drink or smoke pot

Cuz if you travel down that road

you'll lose all the liberty that you've got

I'd imagine that  in school

they tell you over and over

that all drugs or pure evil

you're better off stayin' sober

what they don't tell you is what happens when you just can't be saved

and when your body and soul is all chained up like a slave



You're all slaves!

its tryin' to take a-hold of your mind

you're all slaves!

it promised you what you couldn't find

You're all slaves!

Its time for you to understand

you're a free man

so don't let drugs relieve you of your command


Now I know what they promised you

some relief from your pain

a pretty day full of sunshine after decades of rain

did you expect to be satisfied?

Did you hope for an answer?

Were you shocked when your test results

came back positive for cancer?

Or did you honestly think

that you would be keeping your job

after your boss found  out

your breaks consist of gravity bongs?

So if you want to ignore me

and smoke that joint you just rolled

well have fun dyin', you stoner

and may God have mercy on your soul


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Romy has been into music since he was a kid.  He loves everything, from smooth jazz to death metal.  He agrees that coming up with an original song is not an easy task and looks forward to performing his original song.

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