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Avery Peterson & Kevin Karol

Monmouth County

Band Name
The Starving Artists

Song Title
You Got High

Music Lyrics


You Got High


Dead of night, in a cold sweat

Mouth dry, I can’t forget

So many memories, of days gone by

You threw that life away, just because- you got high



It was just an average day, not a cloud in the sky

Got invited to a party, thought we were so fly

Show up, 10pm- the party has begun

You start flirting with Samantha, you’re both up for some fun



And then my phone rings, it’s Jess, I’ve got to go

She needs someone to talk to, I say “See ya later, bro”
Little did I know, that would be our last Goodbye,

We were gonna change the world, so why did you get high?



Such a fine line, between having fun and death

Was it worth it, to draw your final breath?

Had I been there, it might have been I

But I’m still here, and you?  You got high



Someone put out lines of coke, you said that you were fine

But then Samantha said “Take some then you’ll be mine.”

It took just a single moment, to make that fatal choice

No one said please don’t do it, no one raised a voice



After you sniffed it, something was clearly off

You started to convulse, to sputter and to cough

The others freaked out, they knew that their night was blown

They didn’t get you help, they left you to die alone.



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This duo is made up of guitarist, Avery Peterson, and singer/lyricist, Kevin Karol.  The Starving Artists have been performing together for 5 years.  Last year they began writing and recording, including “I’m a Dawg,” a/k/a their HS mascot.  They are ecstatic to share their original song, “You Got High” with New Jersey teens as finalists in the Shout Down Drugs competition.

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