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Garrett James Laustra, Chris Avarella, Frank Taylor, Trevor Wilinski, & Jeremy Stolk

Sussex County

Band Name
Serial Crusher Theory

Song Title
You’ll Find Me Here

Music Lyrics


“You’ll Find Me Here”


Verse 1:

Your mind’s broken

Wounds will not heal

Addiction controls you


With arms open

I’ll help rebuild

All of the ties that you’ve cut off

And all of the lies you gave in to



When you’re feelin’ all alone

You’ll find me here

Life has made you cold as stone

Sick with fear

And even when you think hope is lost

We’ll find a way

Baby now our hearts are crossed

We’ll live today


Verse 2:

Take my hand

We will travel

Into the dreams that you’ve abandoned

Regain all the ground that you’ve lost


Chorus 2x


Final Chorus:

I know you’re feelin’ all alone

But not for long

The seeds of life begin to grow

Fear will be gone

You found hope within your heart

Deep down inside

Now your life can truly start

A new divide

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This rock band hails from Sussex County and consists of Garrett James Laustra on lead vocals, Chris Avarella on lead guitar, Frank Taylor on bass guitar, Trevor Wilinski on keyboards and Jeremy Stolk on drums.  They invite you to Like them on Facebook, at

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