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Daisha Williams

Mercer County

Song Title
The Addiction

Music Lyrics



The Addiction  


How would you be if ya parents was hooked off da pipe?

What would you do if you couldn’t sleep wit ya stomach on E every night?

How would you feel if ya momz spent more time wit her friends den kin?

Momma we ya kids we not speakin down on you but we wanna see you live to see us graduate college and find what success really is.

I’m feeling like no more drugs for me, I use to roll up dat dope tree 3, 4, 5, 6 times a week I finally realized how deep, drugs make ya body weak,

Trina climb a mountain but da hole jus keep getting deep,

when you smoking you trapping itself, you don’t gotta trap 4 wealth you incriminating yaself, if you get caught, then what?, you stuck in a jail cell, da judge prolly try you as an adult its nobody’s fault but ya own, you do da crime you do da time, you wasting time of ya own, once you get home you notice dat home is no longer home, da block is dry, confidential informants’ for cops on standby and you don’t even know it, ya life?, da system stole it you on parole, still da only thing you know is hand to hand type of business, ya gotta get busy, so which route is you fixing to take?

Past mistakes den caught up to ya, da system tryna suck out ya life and reincarcerate you,

 What would you do if da only type of moves you could make were illegal?

P.O. on ya back and da cops wanna see you in deep doo-doo,

What would you do? How would you move?

Would you trust in da game even if it don’t trust in you anymore?

You feelin like you have nothing to live for, aint see ya kids in ages it seems as if its been 4decades since, there’s no escaping it, so do you skate?, or stay on da block wit food on ya plate? What would you do? How would you move?

What would you do? How would you move?

Are you scared of ya own fate?

You look in da mirror and see the devil starin in ya face, heavens angels tryna break you away from hell, you locked under a spell, dats spelled backwards from LIVE flip it around, Now what does dat spell? EVIL

No Cyclops, but a third eye to symbolize a state of enlightment or a deep personal spiritual or psychological significance, the evocation of mental images and out of body experiences, what ya witnessing you cant speak of,

Cus if you do den dey coming to make death of it, it is you,

What are ya gonna do? What are ya gonna do?

I bet now you wish you didn’t skip classes in high school cus now you a fool, was posed to go to college and partake in reality, make ya dreams come true,

What are you gonna do? Give up or stick it out?

Aint time to debate either ya in or ya out,

What would you do? What would you do?

How would you move? How would you move?


The Addiction

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Daisha loves to rap, dance, sing and act.  She has performed in productions at her high school as well as the Crossroads Theatre.  She loves to play basketball and writes all of her own lyrics.  She hopes to one day be a successful recording artist to show that anyone can overcome struggles to achieve their dreams.

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