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Amyrah Campbell

Middlesex County

Song Title
You're Beautiful

Music Lyrics


You’re beautiful                                                    

Everybody stand up Get on this dance floor
And I’ll show you some love What you talking about?
Everybody's beautiful What you talking about?
You know you can shout down drugs

Have some fun, forget about what they say
You got it all today is your day
Loose control and do whatever you like

Realistically please don't get out of line.


You’re beautiful

End: You don’t need drugs

Stay encourage achieve all your goals

Never back down cause your life is like precious gold
If you want something you better go and get it

 Cause life can end so quick just like that are you with it?
Stay in school and get an education 

Don't hold back whatever you want just embrace it
It's your time forget what they say

Cause while they driven you going to be escorted in a limousine

You’re beautiful

End: You don’t need drug

Verse 3:
You got it all so go ahead and shine  They trying to take you down

But somehow you survived You are a leader most def they will follow

Just be yourself and win like if it was the lotto

Look in the mirror and what do you see? I think I see God’s gift looking at me

Looking at me, straight looking at me 

I think I see Gods gift looking at me Wassup?

Everybody stand up ( Everybody stomp down drugs) 

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Amyrah gets her inspiration from seeing other young individuals living their dream which encourages her.  Amyrah’s future dream is to be a performer as well as a role model.

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