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Sade Tiggett

Cumberland County

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thunbs down for drug users you see, thumbs up who for is drug free


Say no, to what, those drugs you see, they not good for you, they’re not good for me,

say no, to what, those people you be with, they’re not doing nothing to really succeed in,

there’s a problem in schools that need to be dealt with,

speak up and say something about it, you should make a point and make it right,

doing what you do being extra hype


you should live your life while it is there, there’s no time to be afraid or scared,

your future, everybody says that, got everything ahead of you, no time to fall back


this a problem but it can be minimized, teenagers, we’re not tryin to criticize,

 just say no to drugs, it aint cool, this is not the time to be a fool, can the message get anymore clearer, look at yourself, a reflection, a mirror, what is your idea of all of this stuff, that it should stop and enough is enough


Fall back, fall back ohh no,no,no
get up, get up yeah yeah
fall back
Achieve, succeed, do what you need to do
dedication, education, you need it dont leave it


fall back fall back get up get upx2

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Drug Free NJ




Sade aspires to attend Rutgers or Berklee College for Performing Arts in the future.  She loves to sing, dance and draw and would love to one day become a recording artist for hip hop, rap or pop.

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