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Amyrah Campbell

Middlesex County

Song Title
Get Real

Music Lyrics

Get Real Verse: You see I don’t see why people got to front I don’t see why some mope around and Complain and I def don’t see what’s the purpose for the last say First you want to stop and then you want to play then you want to get mad and get in peoples face Go out on a Saturday and scream YOLO! Then you got a nerve to Go to church and scream Oh Lord! Hypocritical of you Matter fact it’s pretty stupid Now you want love looking in the wrong places just because you see others smoking don’t mean you have to Verse 2: Keep your mouth closed only speak if you’re intelligent because you been doing dumb things and not remembering Now you looking in the mirror and You don’t like what you see now you asking all the questions... Now you looking in the mirror and don’t like what you see now you asking all them questions just realized your only 13 Now you sad, Sad about the things that you aint never had now you turned 14 still thinking you grown saying you’re a women acting like your well known example of that is maybe Rosa parks example of that is maybe Michelle Obama Sit back and learn watch some PBS cause all them drugs you did are starting to make your face look stressed. Hook: Get Real All I’m Asking You is To Get Real Life’s a Test Verse 3: How you feeling, Why you feeling down? Is it because you popped that pill? Or is it cause of all those rounds? It don’t make since to me you got a brilliant mind but you still want to smoke weed Honestly what does that do for you besides feeling high and looking cool? I’m not tryna bash you drug users, drug’s abuse I’m just tryna bring here to open Up your ears so listen and stop pretending because the only one that loves you the Most is YOU.

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Writing music since she was 12, Amyrah’s passion lies in her dream to become a vocalist/rapper.  She aspires to be a role model and inspiration to others.

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