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Kenneth Knudson, Jason Caprioni, Amanda Kutcher, Jessica Belote, Max Goldstein

Morris County

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MCST Devils

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Run Run How ignorant can you be? Saying weeds not a drug If hardcore stuffs locked up Then weed is the key Its the gateway drug It brings you inside You start finding all these things That’ll kill you faster than cyanide I know people sayin That it helps with the pain How can it be helpin? Your shooting poison up your veins It all happens so fast You find yourself caught up Next thing you know You're starting to cough up, Blood, Throwin up in the sink Eyes rolling back You can’t even think Try to find your way back Back to when you were fine But it’s too late now Its already messed with your mind Don’t you be saying I don’t know what it’s like Its always been around me Always been a part of my life Its not this glamourous drug These stars make it out to be I’ve seen what it does It’s taken three from me Three people outa my life It slowly makes em drown I’m tellin you man It’s not a road you wanna go down I ain’t just talkin bout weed I’m talkin whatever goes with it See its never just one It’ll make you push your limits I’m talkin coke, speed, crack, dope, This stuff’ll kill you slowly And slowly kill your hope You gotta run You gotta fight You gotta run Break outa that cage Keep on runnin Dont stop for nothing Just run Cause its too late to fight These drugs won’t hold back Your laying face down For just a taste of that smack Layin in the tub With a needle in your arm Never shoulda touched it We warned you bout the harm Everything’s changing You see but you can’t feel Everything comes to light The horrors are unreal You hear your heart beat Your breath is slowin down Your own mother walks in Screamin and cryin all around She runs over to you Grabs your body and starts to shake You're lying there lifeless And you just can't, wake Wake up and you panic Stuck inside your own head It all goes white You realize it’s over, you’re dead Bout a week later They throw you up in a box In just a few hours You’ll be under the rocks Your friends and your family Come dressed to the nines For one last glance So they can say their goodbyes The room is silent Till the people start to cry All of this pain Just so you could get high Everyone wishes You didn’t have to go Such a terrible death Shoulda just said no You gotta run You gotta fight You gotta run Break outa that cage Keep on runnin Don’t stop for nothin Just run

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Vocalist Kenny gets his inspiration from seeing the negative effects of drugs, Macklemore and music.  Saxophonist Max is inspired by all those around him; Jason, on guitar, loves the band Avenged Sevenfold and want to pursue a musical career, hopefully in a band.  Vocalist Jessica loves the band Red, writing and drawing and wants to pursue Disney Imagineering.  The pianist/keyboardist, Mandi, is inspired by her friends and fellow musicians, and The Beatles.

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