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Michael Mastellone, Derek Ritschel, Bradley Ritschel, Matt Korzen

Morris County

Band Name
The Whiptones

Song Title
Doing Drugs Ain't Dope

Music Lyrics

Doing drugs ain’t dope! Drugs (Drugs) yeah they mess with your mind You think you’re fine but you’re really blind ‘Cause you lose control and you start to throw all your money down a hole So come on, listen up now, you just gotta tell ‘em no because doing drugs ain’t dope (Are you a dope?! You’ve got to be kidding me! Why are you doing that?) Besides just living with rancid breath every intake brings you closer to death Hepatitis C and even HIV are just aching to be received So come on, listen up now, you just gotta tell ‘em no because doin’ drugs ain’t dope Yo heroin, tobacco, LSD pot, coke, (They’re a joke) and so is ecstasy, Man! This feeling of a high is a straight-up lie, ‘cause the only high that arises is in your chance to die The result of using drugs without a prescription is addiction, self-affliction, and additional blood constriction So use some discretion to prevent an obsession (Here’s a lesson) There’s no question that they cause stress and depression! KEYTAR SOLO Come on, listen up now, You just gotta tell ‘em no Because doing drugs—I say Doing drugs—OH I SAY! Do-ing Drugs Ain’t Dope!

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This Doo Wop a ‘capella group consists of members Mike Mastellone, Matt Korzen, and brothers Derek and Bradley Ritschel.  They have performed before thousands at the Izod Center, Beacon Theatre on Broadway and the PNC Arts Center.  They enjoy promoting a strong prevention message through their fun, upbeat and exhilarating song, “Doin’ Drugs Ain’t Dope!”

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