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Faith Boonstra

Passaic County

Song Title
Stand Out

Music Lyrics

Verse 1: There's swollen faces And tired eyes Now you're counting paces From believing lies They'll take your life away For the sake of having friends Can you tell me Is it worth it in the end Choras: What happened to standing out? What happened to rising above the crowd? Don't throw your life away On a dream that only leads to shame Be who you know you are Stand out with me and you'll be fine Verse 2: All your actions Have brought you here And the satisfaction It disappeared Now I don't know If you'll live to see another day Those people changed you And the drugs turned life to gray (Chorus) Bridge: Remember this Drugs never brought about bliss Only people who are missed And it's from being with the wrong crowd Chorus 2: I want you to stand out I want you to rise above the crowd I won't let you Get drawn into drugs which you can't undo I know who you are If you stand out with me then we'll be fine

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Faith has been involved in music ever since she was six, starting with drums.  Her inspiration comes from positive messages and her favorite artist is Casting Crowns.  She is usually writing music or stories and hopes to be known as the girl with the strong message.

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