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Da'Quan Stubbs and Deamonte Holden

Salem County

Song Title
"How You Do It"

Music Lyrics

(intro) Woah!!, (HOOK) Tell Me How You Do it (how you do it ):|| 8x's (VERSE "PART1") Where Do i start , matter fact where do i finish, and I'ma write it all on the board call it detention, I'm versatile as I'm writing the description, its "IF YOU SO ADDICTED I THINK THAT YOU SHOULD FIX IT" So listen to my words because i seen it happen , just to reach your satisfaction you switching up your actions now i see you around the way with your bad habits and you trying to fit in like a bad attachment. (VERSE "PART2") Hook- y'all think drugs are cool, that's fictions, let me put it in this rap so you'll get the picture, im trying to give you a, vivid description, using any type of drug can place you in a bad situation, straight edge how im living, no smoking, no drinking and certainly no sniffing, people use the same excuse and say it take away pain and it make them feel better so they do it again and again (VERSE "PART3") I gotta get it , i gotta stay persistent , i gotta keep it distant getting famous is my only mission, It's not a pretty site , i gotta do it right, and at the end of the day its all about my life, "It's not a pretty site , i gotta do it right, and at the end of the day its all about my life " I got the message, so do you get the message, maybe you should run it back until you get the message. (BRIDGE) It aint Worth it, Nah it aint worth it, you gotta paint the picture before you can get it perfect, it aint working ,nah it aint working , you gotta switch it up before you start hurting your family who assumes, that they will never see you drinking alcohol or giving in to that evil weed, Its crazy how these drugs, make you do things, but in the end you lost your family, and all your friends (HOOK) Tell Me How You Do it (how you do it ):|| 8x's (OUTRO) AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE , AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE (AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE) AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE , AINT ABOUT THAT LIFE ( SHOUT DOWN TO DRUGS)

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This duo, who call themselves, Liu Gang, started rapping together back in the sixth grade.  Deamonte’s favorite artist is ASAP Rocky.  He also enjoys basketball and staying active in his spare time.  An artist with multiple talents, Da’Quan has been pursuing his dream for nearly 7 years, making pop/R&B/Hip-Hop styles of music.  His dream it to pursue the music industry. 

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