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Julianna Sweeney

Warren County

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“Decisions” By: Julianna Sweeney Verse: The voice in your head is telling you one thing/ the butterflies in your stomach are telling you another/ on the outside your courage is blind but on the inside a fight/between what you know is wrong and what you know’s really right/ you’re fighting for your life, but you still want everybody right there by your side/ it’s a tough decision, do you run or stay until the fun is done/ they’re all around you, and they’re staring you down and making you feel weak and small/ that’s when they hand it over and you fall Chorus: I need to know-oh-oh-oh-oh, why do you want it so bad/ even though-oh-oh-oh-oh, society says, “it’s cool” but you’ve gotta say “no”, cuz life’s not a show/ and there’s no turning back if you try so just let it go Verse: They want you trapped so they hand you the bait/ because they know there’s no hiding from their ugly fate/ they’ll give you things that will eat you right up and then spit you out/ before you can turn back the hands of the clock, and scream and shout and look for any possible way out/ the road ahead leads to disaster so turn back while you can/ don’t worry what they’re gonna have to say/ just know that you’re stronger than them Repeat Chorus Tag: Don’t let the monsters take you away/ say “no” and stay

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Julianna has been interested in music since she was 2 years old and is very passionate about the music she creates, which is inspired by her family and God.  It’s her hope that her music touches someone in positive ways.  Her hobbies include drawing and playing basketball.  It’s her hope to hear her music on the radio some day and know it is making a difference in many lives thanks to her God-given gift.

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