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Reginald Davis, Fawzan Lari

Camden County

Band Name
Fez and Reg

Song Title
Too Late

Music Lyrics


Too Late


Singer 1:

Today we tell a tale about just how and why, even the smallest amounts of drugs can take lives.

Drugs ain’t no joke, they are not to mess with.  Using them can leave you and your family desperate.

Maybe it’s popularity, you take ‘em to look cool, but those friends ain’t your friends, you’re just their tool.

Maybe you take ‘em to ease the pressure, get unwound, you get your head over heels and you like the way it feels.

It makes you fly, gets you high, high off the ground.

But I hope you know you’ll just come crashing down.

Or maybe you’re addicted because you just didn’t know how far these drugs would take you, how far they’d make you go.

Sniffing ain’t the answer and smoking is not what you need.  You gotta get rid of that crack, they’ll just make them worse, injecting heroin will simply land you in a hearse.

If you had a bad day, don’t start smoking pot, it rips away your personality, makes you everything you’re not.

These horrible things will destroy your body at a disturbing rate, I suggest you don’t start, but stop before it’s too late.



They will alter your mind and take away who you are, you gotta quit using drugs before you go too far.

You’ll feel the anger, depression, the fear and the hate.  You gotta save yourself before it’s too late.

Singer 2:

Can you imagine a mom or dad kneeling down by an empty bed, tears rolling down their face, hands on their head. They’re crying out asking why it wasn’t them instead?

Yes, the ultimate sacrifice they’d give, just so a loved one could live.

But who did they lose?  That’s up to you to chose.  This story has holes in the perfect places.  Anybody, anywhere can fill the spaces.

None of these drugs are a laughing matter, any affiliation is sure to cause disaster.  A scary thing is that they don’t have to be illegal.  Overdosing on prescription pills is still lethal.  The conclusion is near, just let me quickly say, that if you use a drug once, you’ll end up using it every day.  If you continue to do drugs, with death you’ll have a date.  Please! Get away from the menace before it’s too late.


They will deform your mind and take away who you are, you gotta quit using drugs before you go too far.  You’ll feel the anger, depression, the fear and the hate.  You’ve gotta liberate yourself before it’s too late.


Singer 1:  The finale; we must get back to the matter at hand.

Singer 2:  The reason for rhyme is that we hope you understand. 


Chorus:  Every human being should have control of their own fate.  You can save yourself and free your soul before it’s all too late.

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Reggie and Fawzan have been best friends for years. They came upon their talent one day by accident when they were just rapping for fun. “Fez and Reg” entered the NJ Shouts Down Drugs contest with the hope that their message can help save lives.

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