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Adrianna Hill

Atlantic County

Song Title
Getting Better

Music Lyrics

When times get rough and you are all alone And there's no one there to make yourself known You turn to another way You're contemplating a sudden end When all you're needing is a real good friend You turn to another way You try to take the wrong away You're getting deeper each and everyday And all the while you say to yourself It will get better You think that this will make it alright Cause now your problems are out of sight But they're still laying in you mind When death comes knocking on your door And time can't hide you anymore You wish you could turn and hide You try to hide your life away Your lies get bigger each and everyday And all the while you say to yourself It'll get better Things will be brighter You'll see it through All your doubts and troubles You'll see through You sit in silence and stare at the walls And you are waiting and no one calls So you write the words to this song

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Adrianna believes the most effective form of communication is through the arts.  She is extremely dedicated to the arts, finding her passion at a very young age.  She plans to attend college for musical theatre and music education.  Her long-term goal is to open up a center to offer the arts to anyone who is willing to learn.

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