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William Fernandez ft. Ashley Nunez

Somerset County

Song Title
Dime of Life (Prod. ChansliN)

Music Lyrics

Chorus: I feel you when you're stuck inside of me (2 times) Verse 1: Yea, now I'm writing your eulogy, I've seen death before but this something that's new to me, I think my hampster dying isn't really as big as this, I'll empty this, emptiness, I'll love when I'll reminisce. Think about the good times, back when we were speaking, Back, when you tried to rap, and took my hoodies and my beanies, Before the needle, before the line, before the bottle, before you got lost in the bubbles that you always swallowed. Go back to the start, see the back of life in the back of the car, see back of the light, back of pipe, now you back to the bag of the crack and it might, Take you away, matter of fact I know it will, I just waited for whatever God to close deal. Yea, so maybe this is my fault, Could've done something, but nothing, came out inside me, Now I tell the reverend to tell the church to calm down, Cuz man she's gone now... she's gone now. Storytelling: You were mine, it was me and you. Now... you're there's. You told me the you couldn't, the wouldn't, that you won't, but you lost yourself inside these pit of lies and excuses. Now, all there is left for me to do is bow my head and sing. Chorus: I feel you when you're stuck inside of me.(2 times) Poem: You're done, they took you away, all the needles and lines, that were playing inside your mind, it's like you were in an endless loop, telling me you were done, while pumping another one in your vains, telling me this was your last, while taking down another bottle, The irony is ugly, yet beautiful, because at least you can rest in peace. Verse 2: Damn it, don't even know what to think, I might grab the past, and a glass, and a drink. I might drown in the liqour, I might have to pick a, poison that's a bit thicker, making me sicker, when it hits me. My head is flipping like Judo, emotions running through me like Juno, Are you coming back to me like Pluto? They say we'll meet again, who knows. Who knows? Maybe I'll never touch you, Now the people remember you as "that girl," or "just that junkie." But no! Hell no! because girl I know you more, they don't about all of the shame, all of the pain, we endured, they know about nothing, nothing but themselves, they say you're here in spirit but you know that doesn't help. You used to sing along to all my music, you learned the lyric, when you hear it, and start dancing to it, you said you wanted one about you since you never heard it, well here it is, hopefully you can learn it. Storytelling: I've started drinking now, I'm lost and I-I don't know what to do, I've tried to talk to God pleanty of times, but he just isn't answering... I kind of stopped believing, but if there is heaven and your up there. Please, for me, bow your head... and song. Chorus: I feel you when you're stuck inside of me. (2 times)

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Female vocalist Ashley has been singing since kindergarten, always pushing to do better in everything she does. William is a rapper who has been free-styling in his shower since the 3rd grade and finds inspiration in everything, and really wants to make a living in the entertainment industry.

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