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Jonathan Johnson - 2015 NJSDD Second Place Winner


Song Title
Sin City

Music Lyrics

Verse 1: Hi I’m your local new correspondent / Today’s topic / Is toxic / How could people just stand by and watch this / People taking lethal injections to get higher than a rocket / it’s nonsense / And monstrous / Say stop it / To the ones who are making a profit / Anyone using their optics / Can see that people are running straight out of options / So they start looking for substance and hunting like Davy Crockett This an intervention / Let’s Listen / See what’s your addiction / Crack or Prescription / Hash or that spliff stick / To get lifted / Then get sick / And then sentenced / So tell me what’s your vice / Say what you prefer how bout you tell me what you like / What’s the poison that your using messing up your life / Can’t sleep through the night / Can’t see wrong or right Chorus: When doctors can’t see any more patients / They rely on self medication / But can’t see the thing they've created / A place built on desperation / Sin City / Not Pretty (Repeat 4x) Verse 2: Let’s put our prejudice aside / And actually take the time / To look in people’s minds / Cause everyday 114 people die / From an overdose and so we have to ask the question why / Did something in their life / Leave them traumatized / Did they have no one there to help them when they cried/ Broken up inside / Hoping that they find / Truth that is disguised / Behind / All the lies / Because it is hard to see when your blind Your gunna feel it in your veins / Feel that pain / Feel it sting / It’s the type that leaves stains / So don’t just expect it to go away / You've unleashed a beast don’t expect it to be tamed When you find yourself giving in to your desires / And your looking like bubbles from the wire / Just remember you have purpose that is higher / And there’s a fire / Burning inside of you to inspire Chorus: Repeat

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Jonathan I. Johnson is a young actor, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop artist from Essex County who plays the piano and drums. His goal is to bring change to the world by influencing everyday people in their everyday lives through entertainment.

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