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Victoria Evans


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I miss you

Music Lyrics

He breathed his last breath, and whispered goodbye. Did he mean to take his own life? Cause i miss you, I miss you Oh what id give up just to see you smile to see you laugh to see you cry to see you breath I tried to reach out, i tried to help. I guess you were blinded by an influence. I wish you coulda stayed An washed away all my pain but now its driving me insane Cause i miss you, I miss you. But now there's nothing i can do. I wish you could see all the damage that drugs can do. I miss you(x4) I stopped by thee other day sadness filled your house i wish there was something i could do. but now its just me missing you.

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Music has always played a big role in the life of Victoria Evans who plays piano, bass and guitar. Her future dream is to be a music therapist and to create music that will help people get through every-day struggles.

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