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Sarah Kertesz - 2015 NJSDD Third Place Winner

Morris County

Song Title
Box of Pain

Music Lyrics

It was late in November the ground was full of snow You said baby I love you I said darling I know You said baby please listen As a tear streamed down your cheek I really need to go I said why are you leaving me And you said I, I’ve been suffering so long This is not where I belong This earth is not for me I cleaned out your room today And this is what I found Was a box underneath your bed Tied with ribbon all around Open it up and I see All the struggles that you faced Empty bottles full of all the pain you couldn’t take And I know why you’d been suffering so long This was not where you belonged Lord have mercy on your soul It’s been a few years now since you lost your way I still don’t understand why you didn’t stay

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Sarah Kertesz wrote her song to express the pain felt by loved ones abandoned for drug addiction. Her hope is that her song will help those struggling with abuse and recognize that they are never alone. Songwriting and piano playing is how Sarah expresses herself and she is grateful for the strength she receives from her supportive family.

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