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Hector Rodriguez

Ocean County

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Let me talk about mainstream rappers today, All they rap about is drugs and how it makes you feel great, But the truth is its terrible it fades you away, From reality it even makes your body decay, You think its all fun now until you can’t escape, You try to resist but temptation always finds a way, Drugs shut down your brain they ruin your body’s system, No matter how much I talk I feel like nobody listens, You start to lose focus don't even know what your missing, You just care about the drugs you get for the money your spending, I'm here for your knowledge, drugs kill your self esteem, First goes your priorities then goes your dreams, Stop, take a breath of fresh air, open your eyes, clear your thoughts, its getting cloudy in here, Look at yourself go ask for help, cuz were not dying this year, Were tryna make it to the top where rock bottoms a fear, Not a place we call home, shocked body and cold, These drugs may feel good but i'm better all by my own, Dropping bad habbits not tryna be a statistic, Change is what we need no more drug addiction, There's a better way to solve your problems so stop drinking, The thoughts that your thinking arent even your own, That's the drugs taking over your slowly losing control, You should fill your body with nutrients not needle holes, but who are we… who are we to judge, Everyone has their way of life man i'm just living it up, I rather have food on my plate and a drink in my cup, Then to stress about these pills and how they’re just aint enough, I need something stronger something to keep me high, I'm suprised with all this crap in my body i'm still alive, The question is why? All this abuse its a sign, To finally better my life, Set my mind on the prize of life in heaven skies, Classic with the rapping i'm building a stronger mind, Living a forced lifestyle where freedoms declined, Wisdom and intelligence is what I define, so one time for your mind, hey

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Hector Rodriguez is a 17-year-old who was born and raised in Ocean County who is 100 percent Puerto Rican. His hobby is music and he loves Hip-Hop. He started making music in his senior year of high school. He is inspired by J. Cole, and grew as he searched deeper into the roots of Hip-Hop and discovered his true love for music. He plans to attend college and become a professional auto-mechanic.

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