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Cory Adamonis, Dylan Brody, Michael Colabrese, Kyle Dunn, Keith Marr, Michael Ziccardi

Gloucester County

Band Name
Keep the Change

Song Title
Thrills that Kill

Music Lyrics



She lays in the basement

no idea where the day went

she’s so caught in a daze


Verse 1

She was such a sweet girl

Like there's nothing that she lacked

But what no one could see

Is that it was all an act

Because when she at home

She just feels so alone

With it so out of control

It was taking its toll




Can’t you see there's so much more to be

Then all these needles and pills

And all these thrills that kill

She needed an escape

Not knowing what path to take

But what's keeping her world still

Is all these thrills that kill


Verse 2

She did drugs like its whatever

She did things touch I would never

Take my word sober is better

Cause last time I saw her

I felt I never met her

And now she’s tripping out of life

She thought trying once would be all right

And now with her parents over drugs she just fights

And now she just want to take her wrongs and make them right


Chorus 2x

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All of the members of this Gloucester County band attend the same high school and attest that they are best friends who all share the same love of music.

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