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Kyla McBride, Jacqueese Forrester, Jordan Mikhail, Aleksandr Osenenko, DyniaJiah Spring

Hudson County

Band Name
Silent Rooms

Song Title
Let Go

Music Lyrics

Let Go Verse 1: How do you benefit from the smoke, you receive? Does it ease the pain does it make you a better person? Slowly, you are dying, your heart is crying. Darker and darker, your soul is trying Pre-Chorus: To love, to love, to love, to love Verse 2: Make it stop, relieve your heart. Your mind is lying to you, yes we miss the real you. The one it killed, the one it destroyed. Pre-Chorus: Erase the black, there’s nothing to gain. Change your course, it’s all the same. Quench the fire, and clear your soul. Ease your mind, it’s time to Chorus: To love, cut the smoke. Have hope, you can let go. To love, cut the smoke. Have hope, you can let go. Bridge: You don’t have to start, it’s nothing you will find. Listen to your heart and look inside your mind. Just got to let go, just got to let go. Just got to let go, you can let go.

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Silent Rooms consists of five students who, as a group, are creative minds colliding together. They don’t hang together all the time, but when they do, someone always has a good idea!

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