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Atlantic County

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One More

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Verse 1 Enclosed by a horde of acquainted faces, veiled underneath the downpour of confidentiality, and a hint of illusory. Cleft to the core with no back up, little by little postponing the vast erupt, combing for a way out of this mess and the skies confess their sympathy. Blood overheats to the rage of wrath, gave up all I ever had for what, for nothing but a toxic crumb of pride that keeps me awake at night. Pre Chorus: Two turns into fifty, my soul’s a little tipsy but I fumble an extra kick to upsurge. Three turns into sixty my frames a little frisky but I stumble upon a quick splurge. Please don’t listen to her. Just… Chorus: Just give me one more and I’ll stop. A glass will contain the last drop. Carefully pour the tiniest bit and my lips will savor it. Before I turn around and force another bottle down. Verse 2: Curdled up into an abandoned ball, four corners cave into these dejected walls of uncertainty and uselessness. Pre Chorus: Two turns into fifty, my soul’s a little tipsy but I fumble an extra kick to upsurge. Please don’t listen to her. Just… Bridge: Stop what you’re doing and think about what your done. There is no need to give up just not yet. It’s not worth it. You won’t even know yourself anymore. Chorus: Don’t give her one and she’ll stop. A glass will contain nothing but a water drop. Please don’t pour her a bit. So her lips wont have to taste is. So when she turns around she’ll throw a bottle to the ground.

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Bianca’s hobbies include writing, photography, videography and listening to music. She plays guitar, piano and ukulele. Her musical influences include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Lorde and her daily inspiration is sprung through her emotions. Bianca’s future dreams are to get signed for a major label, create legendary music and be known all over the world for her music.

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