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Lucas Espada


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Riding Clean

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Riding Clean Yeah so I’m LooKas on the track and keep in mind that the mic I’m using is probably the best on the market. Kick it. You see, there was a kid that all he ever wanted was to be the kid that fit the kid that never ever slipped. The one that never tripped the one that always had a trick to meet the mark to make it big to be the one that skipped the grade that got the girl that had the bulk to always make the others sulk. You see he thought he had it made with his squad by his side he felt that he could walk on lakes always shake never bake always riding clean never gonna smoke the mean never gonna drink the lean always gonna be the fiend to make the big appearance in the room in the school man why these other silly fools always tryna hit a blunt and make a front like they know what’s up like they know what’s good like they know whats tough “oh word facts man yeah you got the mitus touch” said the kid locked up real tight in the grasps of the game lost his fame just going for a ride on the journey of the train that’s never gonna stop scoop a victim here scoop a victim there like a never ending strain of isolation and evasion from society where you gonna go, who you gonna see, who you gonna feed who you gonna be yeah we’re young but what about then what about – wait hold up, you wanna go back to the chorus now or uh…yeah let’s go back to the chorus – always riding clean never gonna smoke the mean never gonna drink the lean always gonna be the fiend to make the big appearance in the room in the school don’t become the fool don’t become the tool you know what to do you know who you are not a fluke not a duke something more important something big something worth a change you’re the change no you’re not yes you are no you’re not take a hit have a smoke it’s just a hit just this little one time just for fun take away your stress you’re a mess you need it real quick just a lick if you don’t like it you you can take the exit ticket with the misses and the fishes don’t forget the other snitches it’s really good I promise you it brings a different point of view so here…. big inhale….exhale… He started getting hooked started losing looks stopped the reading books man his world shook he really wished he hadn’t cooked but here he was lost it all lost his plan lost his motivation man he’s young man he’s really young what’s he gonna do all he really wants he hides in his shoe. Man this kid was good this man kid was great this kid had as many possibilities as a sideways eight. But here we are, stuck in fate like something that should remain innate but now he’s strangled like a snake. He’s not alone, that’s a fact, but how’s he gonna make it past. Ambition gone focus wrong how’s his life gonna get along. Always think don’t get stuck always know you have enough succeed and keep riding clean….yeah keep that in mind.

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Principal double bass play in High School Chamber Orchestra, Lucas receives inspiration from a desire to make a difference.  Always working, his future dreams are to be a professional soccer player.

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