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Brianna Hatch

Union County

Song Title
Don't Know

Music Lyrics

No one told me that all your friends would leave you That your little sister would be too scared to see you no No one told me that the world wouldn't stop shaking no one warned me of the hearts that I'd be breaking No one told me about the mess that I’d be making Don't know What happened last night Don't know If the people I love are alright Don't know If it's even worth the fight Don't know don't know don't know don't know Don't know what day it is or what time Don't know if I can ever uncross the line Don't know when I lost what was mine All I know is I want back my life No more waking up in a trashed hotel With people who don't know me well Can't escape this awful smell I locked the door on my own prison cell Throwing away my whole future Just so I can look that much cooler But it doesn't make your problems fewer If only I had known that sooner No one said you could stop before it got too late No one said you could get yourself a clean slate No one told me that I could change No one told me that I have a say It's not easy but it doesn't have to be this way No one told me that everyone has bad days I never knew that I could uncross that line Never knew I could get back what was mine Never knew I could get back my life

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A freshman high school student, Brianna has always had a passion for music, playing piano since she was 8 years old, clarinet since 9, and signing in choirs and musical theatre at a very young age.  She hopes to have a future filled with music

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