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Cristina Punzo

Morris County

Song Title
Someone Else

Music Lyrics

It's not that I don't love you. it's not because I want to, but you have pushed me so far, I only see the dark parts.

You drink a lot and it's hard, to see a man that's so lost, this pain it must be deeper, his love hides right beneath her.

I look at you and wonder what caused you to go under, a life of wanting to be someone who isn't happy.

But please don't think I like this, I'd pray to make this right. It's not even what I would ask for, but I can't change what has been done.

Just know that I will cry this time, cause if you don't, want to help yourself find someone else to destroy. 

You always stuck to your guns, thinking you are the right one, but when your heart stops beating I won't do much more sleeping.

Cause it's the bottle or me, I know I'm not as numbing, but I will give you options, blacked out without your conscious here. 

Just know that I will cry this time. Cause if you don't want to help yourself find someone else to destroy. 

With every word you say it just breaks me down. Your cold hearted to me don't come back around, this time. No, Why don't you find someone else to destroy?

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I have been playing piano since I was five years old.  Songwriting has been a passion of mine.  I started writing at the age of eleven and would like to pursue writing music as a career.

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