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Jamari Hall, Kalib K. Adams, Rahmele K.-S. Mincey

Essex County

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Don't Do Drugs

Music Lyrics

Chorus: Don't Do Drugs, Them Drugs Is Bad, Stay In School, Do your Math, Take Your Test, Stay In Class, Get Good Grades, You Better Pass Breakdown; 3rd verse: Mama Said Get good Grades, that's the only way I'm goin get paid.. 1st Verse.Im high off life, I don't need bud, With this song I know I got a buzz, Writing rhymes while im on the bus, If you do drugs, You get Locked Up, I’m never worried, I got the knowledge, gonna graduate gonna go to college, I believe I can accomplish, be successful, I know I got it, I could make it through any weather being positive and staying clever, Follow me, I got the lead, If you getting bored, get a book and read. 2nd Verse: Don't need Drugs, that life trash, study hard while I’m in class, graduate trying to count cash, do dope you finish last, school something like a race, if you get a A, you first place, National guard serving for the state never pop pills my life Aint A waist, Put the guns down, pick A book up, everybody Wants to be a User, Don't nobody want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a Actor

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New Jersey’s very own, “Hiphop is Popping.”  We’ve always been inspired by all genres of music.  God has always been the source and reason why we rap as we showcase our love for music.

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