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Xavier Blake

Salem County

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Lost And Found

Music Lyrics

i know i made mistakes ima get it right i dont need you to judge me just let me lie my life i dont been through so much pain and sop much hurt and so much shame it like im cursed got to watch my own back cause theres no body in my corner no body ever guided me i lived in such disorder so dont you tell me how to act im a man of my own dont you tell me where to go, got a plan of my own i sip my drink and harm who? nobody its cool you live and you learn so here just try it you fool. life is what you make it bad choices will take you down (you down) they said dont worry just try it now im here just lying im bound (im bound) to this wheel chair now paralyzed waste down i wish they told me all the bad before they sold me the good i swear i never should've listened and i wish that i could take it back to the day that i fell to temptation, but i cant so now its right for me to warn generations ima tell you keep your head up, stay in school go to college then go get ya bread up i know that your fed up living as a loner or dealing with somebody that you knowing is a stoner and you watching and you watching and you wondering what it'd be like to push the limits of levitation defy the odds of gravity but take a look and think again cause you cant help but gasp at me, i never thought its be me so dont think it cant be you, waking up from this coma like this just cant be true , this just cant be life i know my judgement left but this just cant be right (this just, this just cant be right) life is what you make it bad choices will take you down (you down) they said dont worry just try it now im in the sky look down ( look down) i hear my conscience sayin i still need you body i still need your soul i still need you by me i shouldn't let you go(2x) always be you cause you're as real as it gets, just know you're 1 in a million dont be that one out of 10, that dont make it out alive thatll get to walk again ima say it now one ay ill never get to talk again the mind is a beautiful thing DONT WASTE drugs are a world of a risk DONT TAKE IT

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Xavier plays the drums in his school band.  After graduation he plans to attend CRAS Tech School in Arizona and begin his career in music.

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