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Taylor Van Cleave

Bergen County

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Verse 1: Beep Beep Beep when the alarm rings. 6:30 in the morning. Out the door take a sip of my coffee. Honestly this school stuff is starting to bore me. Straight A’s and a B this is nothing to me, Man I got places to go, People to see, Look at me go oh, Then comes society, This new found social anxiety. So to cope with all stress, I smoke and reminisce, Of a simpler time, with nursery rhymes, When everything was alright. And everything was alright. Until I got picked up once, Now I got a record and a couple of months, I was stoned I was drunk. But I still got time, there’s a promise ahead of me But I can still remember what my mama said to me. Chorus: You’re tearing us apart, you’re tearing us apart, We love you but you’re tearing us apart. We’re trying and we want to make this right again my baby, And if you could stop than maybe we could start. Verse 2: Flash forward, now I’m at a university At a not so great state school It’s not where I'm supposed to be. And the caffeine ain’t working so well, So my friend gives me some powder to smell. I told my friend it’s not what I’m about, I took a pinch of it and sniffed it up my snout. I was just trying to find out, But then the very next month I dropped out. I went home and got down on my knees, Begged for forgiveness please. My mama frowned and said, okay. And it was almost, as if to say. CHORUS: Verse 3: 2 years later now, And I’m sitting here under an overpass and crying, Watching the cars flash past flying by and, I am all alone now. And oh I wonder now I can’t believe, How I wound up here on Christmas Eve, Ho Ho. My family’s safe and warm at home. So I shoot up to help me feel less alone. And now the games rigged, I should’ve known, I never should have done this, When I was safe at home, And this monkey on my back, Feels warm in the cold. So I shoot up again, but I’m still alone. While my mama’s voice was ringing in my head. CHORUS:

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Taylor is a 16-year old singer/songwriter/guitar player who can’t wait to pursue his dream of a career in music!

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