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Kyle Farscht, Jessica Yeager, Danielle Benna


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Powdered Elephants

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Why’m I trying Time to move on I don’t want it anymore I’ll go far Cause I I lost it, I had it once but I I need to escape you Can’t hear your screams anymore You’ve got me hooked to core Get it out, I’m done with taking it I’m addicted, but I will not give in Oh, you’re the monster that changed me into you I think it’s time for a change Looking upwards from the pain Time to put down all the pills and realize all of my mistakes Have to stay strong everyday Time is just ticking away I don’t think you realize you’ve no power over me Oooh oh You’ve gotta go You ruin lives but not mine anymore Oooh oh You tricked me though I was weak but now I know Can’t hear those screams anymore You had me hooked to core I got it out, I’m never giving in I was addicted, but now I am over it Oh, you’re the monster and I escaped you Oooh I’ve escaped you And changed my life too Oh I saved myself

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Powdered Elephants is a pop alternative music group. Kyle Farscht writes, produces and plays keyboad; Dani Benna is the lead vocalist; and Jess Yeager writes, plays guitar and ukulele. Together they want to create a positive mindset and influence teens to not use drugs.

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