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Anabelle Cyran, Brianna M. Montanez, Shree Thakar, Mary Omokha, Araly Langomas, Haniyfa Larkins


Band Name
Prevention Players

Song Title
We Should Be

Music Lyrics

The smoke is in the air and its filling up my lungs It’s killing my light How my future was so bright I’m lying on the ground Can't seem to move around Times, they’ve been so tough, Never feel like I’m enough Escaping your problems will never solve ‘em. Just work together, is how you’ll get it done. No need for vices when you have guidance, It seems strange to talk it out. But that’s what life’s about. So when you need a friend, Come and take my hand. Both 2x Drug Free We should be, Positively Drug Free. Control slips away like sand, Sensibly written in in the palms of our hands. Drugs take a hold on us, Can’t seem to get enough, Day after day and Night after night All I wanna do is fight For another chance, This wasn’t the plan. I was supposed to go to college Get some sort of scholarship But things got hard, Weed was the start But I progressed, Awoke something deep inside, Needing drugs just to stay alive, What lies behind this blue Curtain of truth, poison the youth Hiding the truth, finding your truth Wish somebody would guide me, So I could leave this all behind me. The plans that I made are Going down the drain Wish somebody told me What I could’ve done Reach out and find help. So I could’ve felt The way my future was supposed to be Don’t be like me. Don’t be like me. When life gets hard and you lose hope… Don’t throw it all away, We can find a way to cope To make way for a greater day. Both 2x Drug Free We should be, Positively Drug Free.

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Prevention Players has an important goal to educate and raise awareness about the harms of drugs and alcohol. We also encourage our peers to make healthy decisions.

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