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Zon'ya Lanier

Burlington County

Song Title
Life is a gift

Music Lyrics

Why do people do drugs if they know if they where it ends up

ODed on the couch

Now they foaming out they mouth

Now they wonder why they left alone

On the couch with an open womb

Cause every day on the news different a story about a kid ODing

Don’t know what yaw not seeing

Seeing drugs as an idol

When it really is your rival

you hit a problem

So pop a bottle

Hoping it will help with the pain

cause you got no one to blame

For throwing your life right down the drain

Your family done and they gone

They didn’t give up

But they shut down

Always thought you would have made them proud

didn’t want to see you in the ground

Broke you promise and you broke their heart now you wishing you could restart you try to fix it but you fell apart

In the midst of the shreds

need help cause you lost

Doing drugs at any cost


2x) life is to marvelous we living all of it

Imma tell all the kids don’t do that arsenic


Why do people do drugs I just don’t understand it do they want they life to end quick

maybe because they just can’t quit

Shouldn’t of started to begin with but if started yeah you can quit

But All it takes is commitment

Cause you life is worth living


2x) life is too marvelous and we living all of it

Imma tell all the kids don’t do the arsenic


Man this jawn make me so mad

Cause yaw really don’t see it

Yaw don’t see yaw don’t need it

Yaw don’t see yaw on a early path to death

Yaw going end up living ten years less

That’s ten years less you get to see your family


Now you missed out on your marriage

Now you missed out on your grandkids


Could I seen them grow

But you wanna smoke

Could of said no

But you always fold

No you in the Oak

Could of seen it all

But now you’ll never know


2x) life is to marvelous we living all of it

Imma tell all the kids don’t do that arsenic


Life is too marvelous we living all of It

We want 100% we missing none of It


Life is gift

And I’m living all of it

Smelling the breeze

While I’m on the beach

With my toes in the sand

Now I feel like I’m becoming a man


Was in the bad side of life

Now I’m on the better end

Repent for my sins

Now I you know what I mean

Cause now you see what I see

That life is a gift

We living all of it


2x) life is too marvelous we living all of it

I want 100% I’m missing none of it


Look at the skyline

Just Look at the mountain sides

Smell the honey in bee hives

Feel the love

Feel the sunshine

Everything going fine

Life is too marvelous

We living all it


Life is a gift

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I'm a young man raised in south jersey who just wants to relate to everyone. I want people to really see just how beautiful life actually is and how many possibilities it offers.  I never used drugs and never will and in this song I say why because of my family, my health, my hopes and dreams, and if I used drugs, I know where I will end up.  Unhappy and alone and I don't want anyone to end up unhappy and alone.  Hopefully everyone can listen to this and see life actually is a gift .

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