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James Garofolo and Michele Ferlaino

Gloucester County

Band Name
Zlim Jim and Michele Ferlaino

Song Title
Sick Baby

Music Lyrics

(Well I’m certain you won’t be able to surprise me much. I have been doing this for a long time, you know. Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself to start?) One day daddy got an unknown call on the phone From another state, the area code from back home It was mommy, saying she ain’t wanna be alone Then she dropped a bomb on him, made his whole world explode There was a baby in her belly, and it had to be his She had the contraceptive box, there was five days that she missed So he came home, and got mommy away from me quick And he never told me why, he just said mommy was sick And so my dad put me in school, and my dad got me help When I told him I heard voices telling me to hang myself But the doctors didn’t care what kinda stuff I was on Just as long as the problems I exhibited were gone I was always either dead-minded or dead eyed And the volume of the voices just continued to rise The doctors couldn’t fix my problem so I did it myself With a tonic from the vodka bottle on the top shelf (Good, good, Very good. Allow me to get my files, I’ll be right back) Okay *psst. Hey! He doesn’t believe you. Nobody believes you. You’re a fraud* Do you hear them?! They’re everywhere! Help somebody, please! I’m all scared and alone, I think my ears are gonna bleed Doctor I hear the scary voices, they got back into my ear again But everyone I tell won’t believe me that I’m hearing them They stop when I drink this stuff, but they come back when I stop So I drink it all the time, but that made me loose my job And my daddy said I hit someone but I just can’t remember And he said that me and mommy spend way too much time together Daddy said that she was crazy, but that’s not true, right? Daddy was just joking with me, mommy won’t ruin my life Mommy knows how to help me, she knows what I’m going through Daddy said it himself, mommy hears the voices too Mommy knows just what to do, mommy’s gonna make it better Mom I’m coming home to you (Someone get in here with a tether) Mommy, help me! The bad guys want to take me away! (Gentlemen, we may have saved somebody’s life today) (I want him here overnight, and give him 200 mil. of vivitrol now. I want him off whatever he’s on until I can get a proper diagnosis for him. And for God’s sake, someone get his mother off the visitors list. Poor, poor boy.) Come here baby, don’t you cry Let mommy hold you and dry your eyes You know daddy loves you, and so do I I promise baby everything is fine You don’t look so good, Can you tell me why? Let mommy help you She wouldn’t lie Have some candy baby Take two of mine Give them a while And you’ll feel alright Are you sick baby? Are you sick baby? Are you sick baby? Are you sick baby?

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We came together to tell the tragic story of a son, plagued by his mother's faults. This tale was begging to be told, and we stepped up together to tell it.

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