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Meghna Das

Online Finalist

Song Title
The Voices In My Head

Music Lyrics

Quiet alone No one else is home Feeling locked up, feeling trapped in a box I wanted it all to stop I am breaking Full of regret and I am aching The voices in my head Are making me doubt myself instead of Telling me that I am wrong yet again I just wanted to escape to some other place Yes I tried to hold back but I was afraid Red eyes pale skin I look in the mirror I don’t even recognize myself I wanna be better than I was yesterday No I won't make the same mistake again I made bad choices I never meant to hurt myself I thought I would feel free But it just chained me down even more My heart fought a battle I thought I could take away my pain But without my pain I am not the same I feel insane Agony This feeling inside I’m not dead I’m alive But I feel like I've died inside I have fallen so far down I look up I can barely see the light But I still have time If only I had listened to the voices in my head And made the right choice

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Meghna has been studying music since she was 3 years old, including classical, jazz and Indian classical voice, as well as guitar. She has also studied piano. Meghna has participated in musical theatre porgrams (NJPAC, NJSDA) and has been songwriting and composing since 4th grade.

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