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Noah Gambino & Matthew Hogan

Monmouth County

Song Title
Never Give In

Music Lyrics

Verse: I saw you struggling, Living a life of fear, that You, Wouldn't make it back no more. Verse: It feels so troubling, To see you hide the tears, just to Prove, I can stop if I want you swore Pre-Chorus: Do you remember when we were kids, Now you’ve become just what you forbid, Do you remember that bliss, Where did the times go_____ Chorus: Never Give In Never Give in Verse: Its time to stand up, Life has been alerting, don't you See, It’s all not fun and games Chorus: Never Give In Never Give in (Last time) to pills To drinking To drugs To smoking

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Matt and Noah have been best friends since 5th grade. They discovered their love for music together and continue to write and play music together.

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