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Saniyyah Snead


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Not The Way To Go!

Music Lyrics

MOMMY MOMMY LOOK WHAT I FOUND IT SAY E.X.T.A.C.Y MOMMY WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Chorus listen to me I only wanna tell you just one time Don’t be a fool and these drugs do what they do and take over your mind Verse 1 You feeling great you just lovin how you feel When them drugs enter your system Yeah it all got real Man it hit you real hard cause now you could barely walk And ya words all slurred and now you could barely talk And what made it all crazy Was when momma got that call The day that her whole entire life went into a downfall That same call almost gave my momma a heart attack yeah mam I’m sorry but ya son just died from too much crack Keep it pushing you don’t gotta fit in Let the world see that you different you gon always win You see Lily had that chance But she let it all go When she picked up weed and then she took her first blow just dare to be different yeah it’s not really that hard Just live life to the fullest and pull that drug free card D.R.U.G.S yeah that’s not the way to go Just listen real close so I could let you all know

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I am a senior in high school and am currently learning how to play piano.  I am a cheerleader, and my true inspirations come from my music production teacher.

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