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Jaylah Bennett


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Stay Above

Music Lyrics

V1: My city's filled with struggle and hustle People used to throw hands but now a days we don't rumble instead the youth turn to violence and drugs because they it's cool to be down with plug but the plug getting our people put in them caskets and my momma she won't have it there's so much more in this life time so I'll help you break the chain by telling you how I rewrite mine , you gotta find something that's worth it and give more then you'll hear opportunities knocking on the door and not something you'd say you die or you'd kill because we need more life find something that you would live for find something that's gonna be worth your all it could be music , writing or picking up a sports ball and never be in doubt because if you believe in yourself you're guaranteed to make it out V2: see jay was 16yrs old moving that world in a world so cold he never thought it would happen never thought it would be him face onna tshirt candles shining so dim the drugs took over him cause money kept flowing in drugs take over your soul like a demon that's why everyday you wake up you gotta keep believing trouble finds trouble so you gotta stay humble ride in your own lane if you wanna stay sane I know we got distractions and things are bound to happen drugs never seem bad until your stuck tryna fix your life because you realize it sucks drugs will snatch away all your hopes and dreams leaving out cold it the streets with nothing to eat you'll never know how long it'll take to get back on track if you get knocked off the road can you bounce right back , shout no drugs but yes to love keep your tunnel vision and soon you'll be above Chorus : don't be a statistic don't fail cause you from the trenches you gotta stay above go out in the world and go get because they wanna catch you slipping and they wanna see you fail but no matter where you're from only the real prevail D.R.U.G it's a no from me

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I am 17 years old and play the piano and basketball.  When I graduate I'd like to go to college and double-major in Molecular Biology and music.

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