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Jayden Cornish, Andre Gardner, Travis Anderson

Passaic County

Band Name
Knight Time

Song Title
OUR STORY (Weed Ain't Right)

Music Lyrics

OUR STORY (Weed Ain't Right) By KNIGHT TIME 1 2 3 to the 4 Here’s a story bout a kid and this is how it go: He Smoke a lil weed And then he Started skipping school Now he's breaking all the rules Gotta try something new This a new strand Call it “Superman” Cause it take you off the land Light it up spark a blaze Now he gettin out of phase Don’t know what to do Now he’s getting all confused Starting to feel abused The high kicked in Started breathing heavy And his heart racin’ He was scared to death It was all in his face Cause the dealer never told him the blunt was laced Now he started to panic He’s losing his mind Got on one knee Tears running from his eyes He called for help But it’s too late His body laid lifeless As God sealed his fate WEED AINT RIGHT, WEED AINT RIGHT WEED AINT RIGHT, WEED AINT RIGHT WEED AINT RIGHT, WEED AINT RIGHT 2 years ago a friend of mine Decide smoke weed and try to get high And that’s not how the story end Lemme take ya back to when it begin Ok first thing first let me tell you this My friend like to get high and smoke that cannabis He smoked that loud in a room that’s compacted He said it make him feel good help him relax Ok Ok let me get to the point imma make this fast....Before he smoke this joint One day he was with the wrong crowd Same thing like the rest he was smoking that loud Then he felt strange his heart had a rush Then friend told he laced with angel dust I told him before u don’t know who to trust Now look at you smoking angel dust Told you before This ain’t the life for the days Stop smoking before u end up in a grave WEED AINT RIGHT, WEED AINT RIGHT WEED AINT RIGHT, WEED AINT RIGHT It was all a dream but it wasn’t in no magazine anti drug come along and join the team breaking the rules the only thing considered was cool Caught up in the mix now he abusing them drugs This for dah Wanna be thugs hurting the love ones we love Back in high school he was skipping his class school wasn’t fun who needs math rather get high puff puff pass Making good life choices that’s the first task For all the fellas that think it’s cool to abuse drugs don’t wanna end up in jail won’t have none to hug When you feelings hopeless hope you know this no this you only got one chance so stay focus remember settling for drugs is the lowest WEED AIN'T RIGHT, WEED AIN'T RIGHT WEED AIN'T RIGHT, WEED AIN'T RIGHT WEED AIN'T RIGHT, WEED AIN'T RIGHT WEED AIN'T RIGHT, WEED AIN'T RIGHT

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We all find inspiration based on what we see in our everyday lives in our hometown.  Every day we see people waste their lives and die from drug abuse.  We also get inspiration from being athletes.  Our coaches and mentors motivate us to go forward.

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